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Senior Analyst
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

For over 12 years was involved in engineering and consulting services in Russan electricity and industry sector. Specialized in energy efficiency, power generation, technical Due Dilligence, technical supervision under investment projects, marketing and business development. Between 2010 and 2017 worked in Russian branch of international company FICHTNER GmbH & Co KG (headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany) and EF-TEK LLC (headquarter in Moscow, Russia) as Deputy CEO on Business Development.

Graduated from Ivanovo State Power University majoring in Mechanical engineering & Power generation (2006, Dipl.Eng. with Honors) and Economics (2005, Bachelor). Holds PhD degree (Fossil-Fueled Power Generation track) from Ivanovo State Power University (2009).

At SKOLKOVO Energy Centre focuses on the following topics:

  • Technological efficiency in fossil fueled power generation
  • Energy Transition in Russian energy sector
  • Engineering business development in the electric power industry
  • Hydrogen Economy

Regularly comments on the current energy issues in national business media and presents at various industry events. Co-authored several research publications and viewpoints including «Distributed Energy Resources in Russia: Development Potential», «Coal-fired generation: new challenges and opportunities», «Hydrogen Economy: a path towards low-carbon development», «Energy transition in Russia» and others.

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