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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Professor Bradley's research interests include materials design and characterization for light emission, charge carrier transport and photocharge generation; photophysical studies of optical and optoelectronic behaviors; development of electrode and interlayer materials; high-efficiency solution-processed organic light emitting diodes including polymer/small molecule and fluorescent/phosphorescent/thermally activated delayed fluorescence systems; charge injection and transport; optical probes of local environment; photonics spanning optical gain, amplification, switching, wavelength conversion and lasing; bulk heterojunction and hybrid solar cells; microfluidic and lateral flow lab-on-a-chip diagnostic structures; hybrid nitride/organic structures using organic emission materials; development of novel deposition and patterning methods for high-throughput device fabrication; and electronics including organic and metal-oxide devices and circuits. His publications have been cited more than 80,000 times with an h-index of 125 (Google Scholar) and he is a Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researcher; he is also a named inventor on more than 25 patent families.


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