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Dr Christopher Hebling Final


Director, Hydrogen Technologies
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling is director of the division of Hydrogen Technologies at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. His division comprises 100 scientists, engineers and students which do research in the field of PEM water electrolysis, PEM fuel cells for the mobility sector and synthetic fuels from green hydrogen and CO2 (Power to Liquid). Next to the research in materials, components and systems, the institute comprises energy system modellings in order to describe and quantify the various scenarious to reduce the CO2 emissions by at least 80% until the year 2050. Hebling did his physics PhD in the field of Silicon Photovoltaics at the University of Constance. In 1999, he founded and ran the Micro Energy Technology group at Fraunhofer ISE and was then appointed Department Head in 2001 and Director Division in 2011. He is member of various national and international advisory boards such as the ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE and JAPAN or the HySA flagship program in South Africa.

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